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what a contrast

There are times when two stories/events cross paths in such close proximity that the contrast becomes surreal. Such was the case yesterday, with the following two stories:

First, a video report of a mother who lost parts of both legs while covering her children with her own body to shield them from the recent tornado.

And then a column from a husband whose wife demanded that their triplets be “selectively reduced” to a single child. the_new_scar_on_my_soul.html

Heartwarming, then hideous.

As a husband and dad, I am struck by the contrast. How proud the first man must be of his wife. The sheer joy and delight he must have in her. No doubt he and his children rise up and call her blessed.

But I am haunted by the second man and his comments. He would not protect his wife from herself. He would not protect his children (sure, in this horrifying culture, she could have done whatever she wished without his consent, but still he did not protect his children). And in the aftermath he leaves her on her own, “I don’t know what accommodation my wife will make mentally and spiritually.  That is her business, and a burden her conscience must bear.”

“That is her business, and a burden her conscience must bear.”

May the God of all grace bring good out of this for them. Only He could.


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