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When I was a child, a semi-regular visiting preacher  (Dr. Don Jennings?) used to begin each sermon with this poem.

Isn’t it strange how princes and kings

And clowns that caper in sawdust rings

And common people, like you and me

Are builders for eternity?


Each is given a bag of tools

A shapeless mass, a book of rules,

And each must make ere life has flown

A stumbling block or stepping stone.

I have never seen this in print, and his sermons were the only times I heard it, but I have never forgotten it. Isn’t it amazing the power of a child’s memory?


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Holiday visits to family allow for a lot of extra read-time since the kidlets are playing with cousins, and they stay up a good bit later-and therefore sleep later-than normal. Plus, Jill’s parents don’t have a computer, let alone the internet, and the kids are playing Wii or watching Toy Story 3 for the seventeenth time.

So here are the books I have been able to read in the past week:

DA Carson

Orlando Saer

Tony Dungy w/Nathan Whitaker

David Eddings

Greg Lucas

Pat Kirwan

These are in no particular order of importance or recommendation. I may blog about some of them in coming days.

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