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Everyone who is someone-or so it seems-has been linking or reposting Doug Wilson’s recent thoughts about curmudgeonly parenting. Jumping on the bandwagon would be aggravating if it didn’t keep coming to mind.

Ten Reasons Why Your Kids Might Think You Are No Fun
1. You believe the heel of the loaf of bread has more nutrients in it because it is browner.

2. You think that kids were made for the living room and not the living room for the kids.

3. You believe that being a disciplinarian consists of using repeated commands in a professional bossy voice.

4. You think that telling stories at the dinner table is weird.

5. You think that laughter at the dinner table is even weirder.

6. You possess a bag of carob chips, which you put into cookies made out of trail mix.

7. You place a high value on “teaching them a work ethic,” but that value is not nearly as high as your “slave labor is great ethic.”

8. You don’t want them to know any dumb music.

9. You think dessert is for sissies.

10. You want them to learn to appreciate you without you ever appreciating them.


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The point of the struggle is not just to survive, but to build an enterprise that makes such a distinctive impact on the world it touches, and does so with such superior performance, that it would leave a gaping hole–a hole that could not easily be filled by any other institution–if it ceased to exist. To accomplish requires leaders who retain faith that they can find a way to prevail in pursuit of a cause larger than mere survival (and larger than themselves), while also maintaining the stoic will needed to take whatever actions must be taken, however excruciating for the sake of that cause. This is the very type of leader who finds a path out of the darkness and gives us well-founded hope.

Jim Collins, How the Mighty Fall: and why some companies never give in.

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