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In my never-to-be-humble opinion, Albert Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, is one of the foremost Christian thinkers of our generation. His God-given ability to apply Scripture and a biblical worldview to current events is a gift to the Church. He has recently begun offering two audio resources that are invaluable for Christians.

His daily podcast, “The Briefing,” analyzes several issues of the day and provides a Scriptural context for considering them. These are relatively short, usually about 20 minutes and are normally posted early in the morning. Click here to subscribe to The Briefing.

He has also begun irregular conversations called “Thinking in Public” that deal with specific issues Christians ought to consider or reconsider. I would suggest listening to his conversation about yoga with Stephanie Syman and Doug Groothuis.  Click here to subscribe to Thinking in Public.

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Two headlines that were right next to each other this morning:

GOP Riding ‘Big Wave’ Of Voter Enthusiasm

For the first time in 80 years, Republicans generated more primary voters than Democrats, further evidence that the GOP have the momentum entering the midterms.”


Obama to ‘Get Out the Vote’

Sounds to me as though he already is!

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Here is a fascinating set of pictures of 50 church buildings, modern and ancient, throughout the world. Within reason, a worship building ought to reflect something of the nature of the god that is worshiped there. What does your church building say about God?

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A few sneak peaks below


Praying for a short sermon!

This service sponsored by…

“Dear, where exactly did we park the car?”

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