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separated at birth…

…or a side job?

Dr. “Greg Mazak”

Has anyone seen ‘them’ together in the same place? Change the part in the hair, and off to the second career!

Senator “Paul Ryan”


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what a contrast

There are times when two stories/events cross paths in such close proximity that the contrast becomes surreal. Such was the case yesterday, with the following two stories:

First, a video report of a mother who lost parts of both legs while covering her children with her own body to shield them from the recent tornado.

And then a column from a husband whose wife demanded that their triplets be “selectively reduced” to a single child. the_new_scar_on_my_soul.html

Heartwarming, then hideous.

As a husband and dad, I am struck by the contrast. How proud the first man must be of his wife. The sheer joy and delight he must have in her. No doubt he and his children rise up and call her blessed.

But I am haunted by the second man and his comments. He would not protect his wife from herself. He would not protect his children (sure, in this horrifying culture, she could have done whatever she wished without his consent, but still he did not protect his children). And in the aftermath he leaves her on her own, “I don’t know what accommodation my wife will make mentally and spiritually.  That is her business, and a burden her conscience must bear.”

“That is her business, and a burden her conscience must bear.”

May the God of all grace bring good out of this for them. Only He could.

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The point of the struggle is not just to survive, but to build an enterprise that makes such a distinctive impact on the world it touches, and does so with such superior performance, that it would leave a gaping hole–a hole that could not easily be filled by any other institution–if it ceased to exist. To accomplish requires leaders who retain faith that they can find a way to prevail in pursuit of a cause larger than mere survival (and larger than themselves), while also maintaining the stoic will needed to take whatever actions must be taken, however excruciating for the sake of that cause. This is the very type of leader who finds a path out of the darkness and gives us well-founded hope.

Jim Collins, How the Mighty Fall: and why some companies never give in.

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ground chuck

At some point this summer I used the meat grinder on Tallula (our Kitchen Aide mixer) to grind up a chuck roast and make our own hamburgers. Whew, what a difference in texture and fresh flavor!

But I became curious as to how much fat was in actually in the roast? How could I tell? How could I control the fat if I didn’t know how much was in the roast before grinding it? So I recently asked a butcher at a grocery store how they figure out the percentage of fat in ground beef.

His first response was that they buy most of the ground beef already ground.

I wondered to myself,  “So do you really know that that ‘ground chuck’ has only chuck in it? Who knows what kind of scraps were thrown into the grinder?”

His second answer was even more enlightening: “For the stuff we grind ourselves, you just learn what looks right.”

Huh? “what looks right”??? “You mean,” asked I, “there’s no system for determining the exact percentage of fat?” Whereupon he looked at me as though I were slightly addled. (Which is, of course, entirely possible. I will freely admit that normal people don’t meditate on how to determine the fat content in ground beef. But I’ve never claimed to be normal. Odd. Eccentric. Weird. It’s all just too much fun!)

So that 85%/15% that you just bought for flavor? Just a guess, thank you very much. That 95% lean that you just bought to be healthy? They’re clueless.

I’ll keep on grinding chuck when I find it on sale. And keep enjoying good hamburgers. But I’ll also keep wondering how to determine the fat content.

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Gideon at 3!

Happy birthday, Gman! In honor of completing your 3rd swing around the sun, here is a photo montage of your life since 2.

"I'm 2!"

"I know I'm coot!"

ride 'em cowboy!

It's a busy life, being all boy!

surrounded by love, and freed to have fun

Rudolph has nothin' on me!

A cheerful early riser. Boy, did we see this a lot this year!

It's a good thing you don't know what I just did!

I'm a happy Christian cowboy...cuz I think I just filled my diaper!

spiffed up for Easter

Oh. My. Wahd! The tree ate Zaccheus!

I know you're having a heart attack, Mom. But I'm a boy. And it's a tree. So it must be clum!

I love the oshun!

And we love our Future Man. May this year you grow in your understanding of our Lord that the seed of His word may fall on fertile ground and grow to everlasting life.

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Trevin Wax explains his Top 10 Reasons I Am Optimistically Pro-Life.

10. Recent Polls

9. Abortion’s Treatment on Television and in Movies

8. The Revulsion to Sex-Selection Abortion

7. The Exposing of Planned Parenthood’s Corruption

6. Planned Parenthood’s Recent Talking Points

5. Abortion as a “Tragic Choice”

4. Young People

3. Ultrasound Technology and Pregnancy Support Centers

2. The Third Wave (of pro-life leaders)

1. God Hears (prayers)

These are all excellent reasons for optimism. However, a pro-abort leader stated the one sad and dismaying reality when she exulted that Americans would like abortion to be outlawed except in cases of rape, incest, deformity, and ‘my situation.’

How right she is. Only God can overcome our sinful selfishness.


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