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Gideon at 3!

Happy birthday, Gman! In honor of completing your 3rd swing around the sun, here is a photo montage of your life since 2.

"I'm 2!"

"I know I'm coot!"

ride 'em cowboy!

It's a busy life, being all boy!

surrounded by love, and freed to have fun

Rudolph has nothin' on me!

A cheerful early riser. Boy, did we see this a lot this year!

It's a good thing you don't know what I just did!

I'm a happy Christian cowboy...cuz I think I just filled my diaper!

spiffed up for Easter

Oh. My. Wahd! The tree ate Zaccheus!

I know you're having a heart attack, Mom. But I'm a boy. And it's a tree. So it must be clum!

I love the oshun!

And we love our Future Man. May this year you grow in your understanding of our Lord that the seed of His word may fall on fertile ground and grow to everlasting life.


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9 and counting!

Nine years ago today, Jill and I were married.

Jill, I loved you then. I love you far more and deeper and richer now. How good of our God to give us what we longed for in those long years of singleness. Funny how they don’t seem so very difficult as I look back at them now. I have to stop and think about the turmoil I felt and the wrestlings I went through to remain content in my single state.

God was good to prepare me for you. He was good to protect me from myself and to protect you from me before even we met. He has been good in the past 9 years to draw us closer together and closer to Him. You have been a great tool of grace in His hands.

I treasure your partnership. Our family has grown and our children benefit daily by your wisdom and guidance. I am graced by your wise counsel, your incredible organizing skills, and most of all your friendship.

What a companion you are! I love spending time with you. I drink up our conversations as a parched man in a desert. Yet each conversation leaves me thirsting for more. I love working on projects with you. Whether small projects around the house or big projects for our church or school, there is a real delight in working together with you.

How often do I think, “I can’t believe I get to be married to Jill!” I’d do it all over again (even the wedding registry-trips that I was convinced would do permanent damage to my feet!) to be married to you.

Our wedding day was a delight, but each day since has been better than that.

lumtty namat,


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