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Christian, husband, father, teacher. These roles and cherished responsibilities are blended with a passion for cooking, well-written books, and the Cleveland Browns. My mum stimulated a craving to read by modeling a true bibliophile's spirit. Her curiosities spanned the gamut of topics and genre. She was on first-name basis with the librarians; they sent one of the largest flower arrangements when she passed away. Her regular home cooking, though somewhat plain and unaffected, instilled a disdain for premade, frozen meals - blah. I love cooking for family and friends. I love learning new methods, spices, tools, why good food works well and what doesn't. I have eaten a lot of my own mistakes! My love for the Cleveland Browns can only be attributed to myself. What can I say, I was a junior higher. This puppy love has stuck, though it has regularly caused great heartache. I have infected my children (Aubrey, Emma, and Gideon) with a love for books, the Browns (when they see orange, they immediately quip "Go Browns") and an appreciation for fine food. My goal is for Aubrey and Emma to have utter disdain for the pitiful offerings of the restaurants that pimply-faced boys may attempt to take them to in several years.

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